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How Does Billing Work?

Outside of any promotions or lifetime plans, pricing for Boxward is pretty straightforward:

Boxward costs $9 per month per inbox.

Each additional inbox is $9 per month.

Discounted pricing is available the more inboxes you connect.

1-9 emails are $9 / email / month

10-24 emails are $8 / email / month

25-99 emails are $7 / email / month

For pricing on 100+ emails, please connect with our support team.

Note that any emails that are connected to your Boxward account are counted, regardless of whether or not they are actively warming.

Adding Emails

Rather than charging for new emails up front, which is what most providers do, our billing allows you to add additional emails at no up front cost. However, at the end of each billing period, you are billed for the peak usage.

For example, if, at peak use, there were two emails connected simultaneously during the previous month, you will be billed for 2 emails at the next payment date ($18).

Peak usage then resets. So if, for example, in the following month, you never have more than one email connected, you will only be billed for one email ($9).