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About Boxward

Boxward is an email warmup tool that helps improve your email addresses’ deliverability so that your emails land in the inbox every time. It’s a vital tool for anyone sending cold emails or email marketing, to ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients (and not wind up in spam folders).

How does it work?

  1. You connect your email
  2. Boxward’s network of inboxes will interact with your email – sending and receiving messages, moving emails out of spam, replying to them, marking emails as important
  3. Over a few weeks, your inbox reputation and deliverability improves so you can safely send outreach emails at scale
  4. No more emails in spam! 


Whether you are starting with a brand new email address or one that you’ve been using for awhile, Boxward can help.

It can rehab emails that are seeing poor open and reply rates.

It can warm up brand new email addresses.

And it can maintain good deliverability for existing email addresses.

Media Assets

You can download Boxward’s media assets here.

These include logos and screenshots.