How Boxward Works

Here is a simple breakdown of how Boxward works to help you get good deliverability for your email addresses so that your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes instead of their spam folders.

The short version:

Boxward regularly sends emails from your connected email addresses to other email inboxes that Boxward manages.

Boxward tracks whether your emails are going into peoples’ main inbox (good) or spam folders (bad).

If your emails are not going into recipients’ main inbox, then Boxward will move your emails from the recipients’ spam folders to the main inbox.

On the flipside, your email address also participates in receiving emails from other Boxward users, and, if their emails go to your spam folders, Boxward will move the emails into your inbox. (But, you should not notice this at all, as Boxward puts those emails in a special folder called “Keep Warm” so as not to crowd your inbox with messages.)

The longer version:

Once you connect an email address to Boxward, Boxward has the ability to send emails from your connected email address, and it can also connect to your inbox to move emails out of spam or categories folders.

When you choose an email warmup routine, Boxward will then send emails from your email address, and you will start to receive emails at your inbox from other Boxward users.

An email routine is a specific sending pattern, where Boxward will send a certain amount of emails each day from your connected email address to other email addresses using the Boxward platform.

Your emails are designed to look like real legitimate emails that one human would send to another human.

On the recipient end, Boxward can see into the inbox to see if your message has gone into the recipient’s main inbox, a categories folder, or the spam folder.

If your emails are going to spam folders, Boxward will automatically work to move those emails out of your recipients’ spam folders and get them into the main inbox. The goal of this is to let the email service provider know that emails coming from your connected email are not spam emails.